By Leyya & Toby
A fantastic story, devised by a nine-year-old storyteller!

Dive into a captivating world of adventure and magic! Join the brave heroes created by a nine-year-old girl in her vivid imagination. Leyya dreamed up this enchanting story, which Toby creatively and artistically transformed into a captivating narrative, beautifully and richly illustrated.

The vivid characters and lovingly crafted settings unfold before your eyes as the heroes join forces with their dragons to fight against darkness, become aware of their respective special strengths, and put them to work for the group. The unique storytelling and engaging style guarantee an unforgettable reading experience for readers young and young at heart.

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Fire Element

Leyya the fire keeper and her flaming red dragon Fi-Lung

Leyya, the girl of fire, shines like the sun. Her determination and passion are unparalleled. Fi-Lung, her faithful companion, can generate heat and sparkle like a living torch. Together with their friends, they dare to penetrate even the deepest darkness.

Die Kleine Heldin und ihr Feuerdrache Fi-Lung
Water element

Ella, the keeper of the water element, and her blue water dragon Lulu

Ella shines like the morning light over the ocean. Her endearing gentleness is as refreshing as the morning dew. Lulu, her elemental dragon, has power over the water and its currents. Together they bring hope and liveliness to their world.

Ella, die Hüterin des Wasserelements, und ihr blauer Drache Lulu
Earth Element

Benny the earth guardian and his green earth dragon Rokko

Benny, the guardian of the earth, is as strong as a tree in the wind. His calm and good humor are deeply rooted. Rokko, his mighty faithful companion, camouflages himself in the green of the forest with the color of his scales. Together they preserve nature and its secrets.

Benny, der Erdwächter
Air Element

Jonas the air nomad and his invisible dragon Wings

Jonas, a ruler of the skies, is as free as the wind. His curiosity knows no bounds. Wings, his white air dragon, can use his elemental magic to make himself and Jonas invisible or transform them into a breath of wind, and so they can go anywhere without being noticed. Together they represent the freedom of the spirit and the infinity of the sky.

Jonas, der Luftnomade
A magical Journey to the Source of Inner Power
Part 1: The Magic World and the City of Dragon Riders

In this story, Jonas, Ella, Leyya and Benny experience a journey full of secrets, friendship and unexpected twists. There are dragons and mysterious elements that keep the magical world in balance, but also an evil force that threatens this perfect world. This book takes you into Leyya's fantasy land, where children become heroes and fight for the good.

Immerse yourself in this unique story of magic, friendship, and adventure that will captivate you from the first page and whisk you away on a journey that will stay with you forever. Get this beautiful book now and be enchanted by a world where anything is possible!

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First Chapter

The Secret of the Sparkly Wardrobe

Leyya, an ordinary girl, suddenly finds herself in a magical world after she enters a mysterious closet. There she meets her sister Ella, who embodies the element of water, and her brother Benny, who belongs to the earth. Together with their formidable dragons – Lulu, Rokko and the fierce Fi-Lung – they begin an adventure filled with magic and deep friendships. Leyya feels a strong connection to Fi-Lung, her own red dragon, and begins to understand his untamed power. Their journey in this enchanted world has just begun. The siblings are full of anticipation for the secrets they are yet to discover and to unleash their own inner powers. Amidst the elements and magic, they learn that courage and cohesion give immeasurable strength and that their journey will be an unforgettable one full of wonder.

Leyya vor ihrem Glitzerschrank
Second Chapter

The Air Nomad

Leyya, Ella and Benny return to the temple and realize the close connection between their dragons and their magical abilities. However, Leyya feels she is being watched, and Ella reveals that she already knows who is watching her. Suddenly, a white dragon named Wings and a boy named Jonas appear out of nowhere. Jonas is the guardian of the element of air and tells of an impending danger that threatens the elements. It is rumored that a group with sinister intentions – the powermongers – has resurfaced and is now seeking ancient artifacts that grant power over the elements. The friends are determined to protect the elements and maintain the balance. Jonas declares that together they can achieve the impossible. Together, they decide to go on the great adventure and find the artifacts before the powermongers get their hands on them.

Der Luftdrache Schwinge
Third Chapter

The City of Dragon Riders

Their next adventure takes Leyya, Ella, Benny and Jonas on a journey to the mysterious city of the dragon riders. The path through the dangerous desert is lined with whirlwinds and bandit desert nomads, and they must skillfully steer their dragons through these dangers. The city of the dragon riders is different from their own world. Here, dragons are not magical creatures, but loyal companions to be ridden like horses. However, the dragons of this city have been influenced by the powermongers in the past, and the children are supposed to hide their dragons to avoid being discovered. The friends meet Jannis, who doesn't own a dragon but dreams of reviving his stone dragon. They learn of a ban on allowing children to have dragons in order to protect the dragons from evil influences. Determined to break the ban, the heroes disguise their dragons and cover their faces with makeup before heading to the city council.

Die Stadt der Drachenreiter
Fourth Chapter

The Palace of the Council

At the magnificent council palace, the heroes stand before a locked gate, guarded by a friendly watchman and his resting dragon. Children are not allowed here, that is the rule. Jannis, who knows the secrets of the palace, guides them through the fragrant herb garden. But here, in secret, a sinister encounter awaits them. A mysterious man, cloaked in purple, speaks in ominous words to a dark enchanted cloud. The powers that be are on their trail. The heroes sneak in through the magical kitchen of the palace, where the cooks offer them all kinds of food. Escaping from here, they once again spot the disguised powermonger and pursue him. The children have to get through the palace unnoticed, which they succeed in doing with their special gifts. Now it is necessary to reveal the secret behind the door that the man entered and warn the high council...

Die Gänge im Ratspalast

News from the Little Heroine:

A or B? We are testing an alternative cover...

October 4, 2023

We are currently testing an alternative cover on the e-book, which shows Leyya together with her fire dragon Fi-Lung.

The journey continues! Part 2 is in the works...

October 1, 2023

The adventure continues! We are already working on the second part of the story. The heroes set out from the city of the dragon riders and go in search of the magical artefacts of power over the elements. The first stop is the island of the Waterfall Mountain, where according to the map the artefact of the water element can be found.

Part 1 of the Little Heroine is now available at Amazon!

October 1, 2023

In this story, Jonas, Ella, Leyya and Benny experience a journey full of secrets, friendship and unexpected twists. There are dragons and mysterious elements that keep the magical world in balance, but also an evil force that threatens this perfect world. This book takes you into Leyya's fantasy land, where children become heroes and fight for the good.

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Dragons, magic and the mysterious power of the elements are awaiting in this exciting adventure with its incomparable childlike charm.
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